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Because ARCH was at work in the Fort Wayne area and was a leader in the community’s historic preservation efforts, we did not lose these places.

• The Strunz-Sponhauer House

• The Edsall-Brown-Wise House

• The Canal House

• The William Edsall House

• The Hugh McCulloch House

• The Wells Street Bridge

• The Merchant Huxford House

• The commercial block at 1014-1016 Broadway

• The Mary Rockhill-Tyler House

• The Alexander T. Rankin House

And L.C. Ward School is still standing today, with a new use in sight, because ARCH got involved.

Add in dozens of historic districts and sites protected, hundreds of tours and workshops and thousands of historic properties surveyed and documented, and you can see the built heritage we would lose without ARCH at work here.

Membership dues and donations from the people of the Fort Wayne area make this important work possible and are the foundation on which ARCH’s continued existence depends. Your support matters!

These historic places are a multi-billion-dollar heritage investment we’ve inherited and helped build, and they’re a key component of what makes our city and region economically competitive and successful in the 21st century. Our work is far from complete. More historic places need to be saved by ARCH’s advocacy and historic preservation efforts. More people need to learn about how important and useful this work is. The need for historic preservation is bigger than ever. Please join us.

Give generously. Give today. Welcome to the good work of historic preservation.